The Wagon - UK

Hours can be spent lost on AirBnB, looking for cosy places to hide away for the night or somewhere quirky where you can spend a few days eating and relaxing, because the options are endless. And after telling ourselves we'd attempt an adventure each month, we wanted somewhere fun and different for March. With my incredible experiences in procrastinating, I sent over three various wagons and huts and eventually we opted for this wagon in the woods.Because, LOOK at that window!And you know, any bath is good. But a bath hidden under the floor is even better!

With the car loaded up of Camembert, Disaronno, nibbles and our muddiest boots, we headed to Medstead and found ourselves driving around the country roads taking in the peaceful surroundings before we eventually rocked up at Plum Cottage and greeted by the chickens in the garden (Papa asked me to steal him five for his garden...).

The wagon itself was built by the host, Ralph, and you know what, it's an impressive job for sure! Everything was thought about with care. Already this place didn't seem to disappoint.

Considering the size of the wagon (it's actually bigger than the pictures look!), I liked the little touches that added to it - with the fake flowers, and the wireless radio. And that kettle!

The sink was also a quirky addition with a bucket attached to the wood - although washing up a pan in that wasn't the easiest of tasks!Once Ralph had showed us around, we slipped off our shoes (actually, we did that at the front door), and had ourselves some cider and beer whilst mustering up some energy for the hour walk to the nearest pub.

We were recommended The Yew Tree which was the closest, and as we walked through the muddy footpath, the sun decided to come out making it a blissfull late afternoon.After losing our bearings (I mean, we weren't lost, we just took a detour...) and playing auction with the sheep (and stopping to say hi to every single animal!) we eventually turned up at what could only be described as a proper, traditional English pub. Sunday afternoons spent drinking cider and chatting are certainly the best way to relax.

Feeling pretty smug that we'd made it back to the wagon just before the sunset, we turned on the heater and opened some more ciders where we spent majority of the late afternoon and evening listening to chilled music and making the most of this quaint little place before realising we'd filled up the fridge with snacks and goodies for the night!

With our stomachs full from cheese and pulled pork, and sour cream dipped tortilla's (guilty for being the dip hogger...), we decided to make full use of the fire facitlities so wrapped ourselves up and headed outside where we spent three hours drinking Disaronno, putting more logs on the fire and talking about anything and everything, all whilst being fascinated with the absolute peacefulness of the night.Well apart from the sneaky little hare's who kept skipping by. And maybe scaring me..

Being a big fan of the natural light, we headed to bed with the curtains open because I was adamant the view in the morning woudln't disappoint. And it didn't. Even at 6am when we were woken to the sound of chickens having a party (so it sounded anyway!). I still couldn't get over just how calm and private the wagon was. It really was a perfect hideaway for a night.

Of course we couldn't start the morning without a bath, especially when it was too appealing besides the open window overlooking the fields. With the soft bubbles filling up the tub and the kettle boiling for fresh tea, it was the perfect combination to make use of the sunny morning before we were due to leave.I think I want a bath in my ground now...

The best part though about the Wagon? Seeing these on the shelf! And ironically, it was only the day before where I'd joked that we should buy some Wagon Wheels so we could eat them in said Wagon. I guess Ralph was already ten steps ahead.Except when I was at school, Wagon Wheels weren't the coolest of biscuit bars.They were the ones you tried to trade in...

Things that make me, me.. Runkle.

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