Countryside Weekend - UK

Without sounding like a complete broken record (I've turned into my mama), I love nothing more than weekends away with those closest to me, and last weekend was one I'd been counting down for what felt like forever. One of my favourite ladies big birthday weekends - MillionD's 40th!On Friday night, I packed up the car, popped on my Mitten playlist and picked up some bottles of fizz  & snacks and headed down to Herefordshire to spend the weekend in a beautiful and not so little, National Trust house, that I soon became afraid to sleep alone in...

When I eventually turned up on Friday night, after talking myself out of being killed down the winding dirt track that was never ending, and opening the bag of crisps that were potential snacks for everyone, it was lovely to catch up with the girls on the last few months. We spent Friday night eating pizza and cheese and feeling cheery with pink fizz in our heads.

If there's one man who's the best egg around, it's Gray for surprising Sarah with this tray of chocolate. It's fair to say, we all took a moment to appreciate the beauty of these little delights of heaven.

On Saturday, we popped on our parka's and boots and went in search for a warm lunch of sausage hotpot before heading to the Brockhampton Estate where we pottered around and wondered how they'd have dealt with Instagramming their evening meals in such a dark room. Oh the thoughts that go around my head are questionable to myself sometimes...

After an afternoon of eating all the cake in the house (honestly, SO much!), and a blissful dinner in the local pub, we all couldn't wait to slip back into our pyjamas, pour ourselves some bubbly and spend the next few hours laughing over our poor attempts at charades and thinking that we had FaceTime sussed. I will give Sophie brownie points for her Simon Cowell charade. Hands down, best ever!

The house itself was absolutely beautiful with plenty of character from the beams in the ceiling, to the slanted walls and quirky doors and the roll top bath was one that every girl dreams of having in her house (I know Maria made full use of that!). I definitely spent each night with one of the girls, and enjoyed the late night chats to the birthday girl herself as we talked ourselves to sleep.

Gemma was the queen of Sunday morning, having prepared a perfect little breakfast of Bucks Fizz, sausages, bacon & toast and if there's Boursin in a sausage sandwich, I knew it would be a good day! We hung out in the kitchen and chatted like old friends do, before retiring to the living room with the fire where we spent the whole day doing nothing except watching movies, chatting and napping beside a very chilled Rosie.

The best part for me (which I did mention a few times...) was being able to spend Sunday night curled up on the sofa with the rest of the girls, and not have to worry about being anywhere on Monday. For me, that makes the weekend, having an actual full weekend. Minimal plans but in company.And you know what, these weekends are certainly ones that I always treasure. And these girls who I get to spend it with, are the absolute best.Internet friends who become real life friends.. I like that. I like that a lot.

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