Five Happy Things

This month has flown by completely and quite honestly, there's been way more than five happy things happening right now. But alas, I'm going to pick my most favourite five. And certainly some new things that have been happening lately. Because trying new things can be just as exciting, if not a little scary sometimes too.So here's my five happy things:Adventures a month. This is a new one this year. Each month, somewhere gets planned. It can either be a day trip to somewhere new, or it can be an overnight stay or even a weekend away. In January I visited Cambridge for the first time (window heaven!), and I'm off to Bruges this weekend. March has already been booked up to stay in a quaint little Wagon. I simply think, this is becoming one of my favourite things to do.Mini Eggs. Like why, why are they so delicious? They just seem to fall into my mouth. I don't know how it happens but they do. They just can't stop ending up in my mouth. Oops.Disaronno. I think I've found a new best friend.. And I knew that after one sip (maybe I was drunk already?). I've never been a spirit drinker, choosing wine or cider usually at the bar, but since it got brought to my attention that Disaronno is very similar to my favourite and beloved Dr Pepper, I indulged. And I won't look back.Runkle snuggles. Working away has it's downsides, and means that my bag hasn't really been unpacked for the past three weeks. And it also makes for one very lost little kitty so when I'm home for a few nights in the week, he does not leave me alone. But that's OK, I like having a small furry shaped shadow.Question of the day. Each morning it is taken in turns to ask a question or be asked a question, and it doesn't matter if you're the question master or waiting for one, because this is simply the best part about my morning. And one to think about whilst driving to work. Try it!

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination."

Adventures in Bruges

Countryside Weekend - UK