Life Lately

My mug collection is pretty on point at the moment.. to a point where I open my cupboard and lose hours staring at them all with pride (I kid, cause you know, I have hobbies. A little...) and to top it off, my brother brought me these two over Christmas. So they may not be the easiest to drink tea out of on a Sunday morning, but they're fun and I like getting them out. So, cat mugs it is from now on..

I'm trying to read (I'm sure I say this ALL the time), but if someone recommends me a book, I will order it, in the hope that it'll grab my attention, but with a short attention span, it's fair to say I get bored easily. The Wrong Knickers did however win me over whilst on holiday last year, and I'm working my way through Paper Towns which may have taken a backburner since Confessions of a Tinderella arrived on my doorstep from Sarah recently..

As a child I loved playing outdoors, and would spend most of my evenings after school and weekends wandering through the woods or building dens in new locations. And then I got older, and it got colder (yup, I went there..) and outdoors didn't seem like me. But lately, I really like the outdoors.. I love throwing on my parka, a big tartan scarf, some fairly sensible shoes (I'm still working on that one) and taking a long walk in the countryside or forest, sharing the thoughts in my head with people. People I know FYI. Strangers would be a little weird...

Do you ever feel like you have a whole host of clothes in your house, one that you could have a party with, yet somehow most days you manage to panic that there is literally, NOTHING to wear? I'm currently feeling a little uninspired with my wardrobe at the moment. I want fitted clothes, but fitted clothes aren't right, then I want baggy clothes, but then I think about fitted clothes again.. I think, it's time for a pretty harsh clear out and almost start again. Key pieces, that's what they say don't they?

I'm a sucker for being that awkward one in Paperchase or Scribbler, laughing at all the cards which are not as funny as I probably laugh at. And after receiving some right cracking cards from people on my birthday, I've kinda turned them into decor. Because I just can't resist a pug shaped card talking about pooping on the bed. Oh and the one about looking taller on Tinder? Cracks me up every time!

My Christmas present rule was "one for them, one for me" and I picked up the Favourite Moment of the day Journal for Rosie, and couldn't resist getting myself one. Every night when I crawl into bed, I grab one of the colourful pens, and jot down the one thing that made me smile the most. It also gives me time to find something good in everyday, even if it means eating Halloumi for breakfast. 

Yes, that can be my most favourite thing somedays.

I told you, I'm an easily pleased one over here...

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