Five Happy Things

I haven't written my Five Happy Things as much as I used to, because I've been feeling really content so far this year, and I suppose in a way, I wrote those posts to remind myself that everyday there was beauty.Because there is.And I think that it really does help when your outlook is changed, which is one of the things I focused on towards the end of last year. I stopped worrying about everything so much, and I just did instead. I just went with the flow, and realise that if I made myself happy, I was happy.And I am happy. Because there's many reasons to be happy. So, here's five from recently:Worrying Less. As I mentioned above, I've stopped worrying so much and instead of spending my spare time thinking about how I can always improve, or what I don't really like so much about myself, I just find the good. I just get on with life and make the best of a situation. I've turned my down time into me time, and for me, that's a huge change. I like this outlook.Overflowing Diary. This pleases me massively. I don't think I have any spare time between now and the middle of March - but I'm OK with that, because plans!Sunday Mornings. These last few Sundays in 2016 have been utter bliss. I cannot quite explain just how much I love pottering about my place, with Oh Wonder on full volume, the kettle constantly boiling and the sweet smell of potato waffles in the oven. And good company makes it even more of an ideal Sunday morning too.New Boots. I may or may not have treated myself to a few new pairs of boots. Ankle ones of course, because why would you change something in the first place? And yes, I totally needed the grey pair, because I didn't have any. Oh and the black pair? Well.. They're just completely different from my other 20 black pairs..Runkle's Face. Coming home from a weekend away, or after a day at work and seeing his little face greet me at the gate with utter excitement to spend the night together. Curled up on the sofa, or wafting his little pink bum in my face under the covers whilst he looks on and purrs with delight. Yep, he's awesome.Apart from when I caught him leaving next door's house...

"Very little is needed to make a happy life,

it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking."

The truth about living alone

Brighton Life - UK