A New Year

It's eight days since we celebrated the New Year, and quite honestly, I prepared myself that it doesn't actually ever feel that different. You cheer or do whatever you do when the clock strikes twelve, you send slushy drunk text messages to everyone in your phone book, you hug it out and then you carry on, and well, nothing seems different. Except the hangover.

I admitted that I felt like 2015 was a bubble and I was afraid of 2016 for it's new challenges, and adventures and what was out there. But then I told myself that it was just another day, because essentially, it is. We carry on doing what we know. What really changes?

And then the 1st January actually came around.

I changed my mindset, I was really ready for this year.

I spent two days on my own, and instead of feeling sad about it, I got on with it.

I filled up my diary and said yes to everything.

I decided to say that if I wanted to do something, I WOULD do it.

And I made myself even more positive than before.

I threw out the negative thoughts, the worrying thoughts, and the what if thoughts.

And I just was.

I just am.

And actually, I feel in a good place. A really good place. I'm really ready for 2016.

I've not set myself any goals, because reality for me is that I won't stick to them and instead I wake up each morning, and just take the day as it comes. Whatever has happened or happening in our lives, is part of the path we have mapped out for us. It's what brings us to where we are now.

That's what I think, and that's what I tell myself.

So I'm embracing it with open arms, prepared yet unprepared at the same time.

I'm just going to do.

Because, that's all we can do.

And as Eminem so put it once... We only get one shot at life.

I'm with Eminem on this one! Except I'll leave my baggy trousers at home.

"Don't count the days... Make the days count"

Life Lately

DEAR 2015