Me, Myself and I: Ten Things

Because, sometimes it's easy to forget our good qualities in the jumble of insecurities and worries. And even if it takes us a little longer to think of our strengths compared to our weaknesses, we all have them. They're in there somewhere - we just need to find them and display them with pride.My nickname is Katy Mitten. That's pretty awesome - and it's a great conversation starter.I can make people laugh. Whether they're laughing at me, or with me, it puts a smile on people's faces. A genuine smile I think too.I have cracking ankles. Like seriously good ones I think. You know when people say relationship goals? Yeah, I'm ankle goals.I'd drive around the world for a friend whenever they needed me (well, money's tight but I'd try my hardest), whatever time of day. I have so so much time for them.I care for people. For everyone. A lot. Maybe more than I should, but I do.My personality is like a chameleon's. I'm good in most situations and can adapt myself to blend in well. Unless you started being sick, then we'd have an issue, and I'm not such a good chameleon then.I'm pretty humble. I think most people know that.I'm a cheap date. "Oh what do I want to drink? Yeah, I'll just have a bottle of cider and that's me done. Don't worry, I'll still dance on the tables for you.."My ears are good at listening (if you talk loud enough that is), and my shoulder is perfect for crying on. I may cry with you, but I can provide you with ice cream and marshmallows and make a sad situation better.I do really good facial expressions when I'm talking about things. Expressions that fascinate people when I'm telling an interesting story. And a not so interesting story at that.

"Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. 

How can anyone see how great you are if you can't see it yourself?"

Tis the season of JOY

Five Happy Things