Things I wish I'd been told about my twenties

There is no right or wrong way to be doing life ever at all. What you're doing right now? Yeah, that's your life. And you're doing just fine. Honestly.You will never be a burden to your friends. Ever.Those mean comments people make about you? That is THEIR problem. Not yours.Learning to love yourself. Remembering that YOU are awesome. Fret less about it and find out what you like about yourself. Then embrace it.People around you, your parents, your family and your friends - yeah, they've had a similar experience. They know what you're going through. They get it.A problem shared, really is a problem halved.Things will bite you on the bum, people will bite you on the bum (maybe literally too..), and life will sometimes test you, but picking yourself up is one of the strongest things that you'll ever do.Be proud of yourself. Because you're not doing as bad as you may think.Wine. It really is the best medicine.There will be days when you just want to eat all the ice cream in your freezer. And then think that telling people will make you look super independent and like no one can tell you otherwise. Yeah. Maybe don't do that so much.You'll cry a lot. Yes, even over simple things.It's OK to still ask for advice and listen to what people think. It's OK to question choices and thoughts, but never ever let someones' opinion overshadow yours. If you make that choice, Stick to it. Own it.Confidence is sexy.That sometimes, life doesn't always work out for you as your other girl friends. You may be going down different paths but none of those paths are wrong. And they'll still be there.Spend less time trying to be nice to those who don't matter, and focus more on those who do matter.Take time out for yourself. Do what makes you happy.What you're doing or have done, may not always be right or wrong. It may not be the wisest idea you've had, but you've gone with your instinct - and in that moment there was a reason as to why you did it. Learn from your instincts. Learn from your decisions.Girlfriends. They're the absolute best.Invite your grandparents over for coffee. They'll really appreciate it. And listen to your parents. Because they really are always right (most of the time anyway...)Don't text that guy when you're drunk. Whatever you do.

Eat the pizza. And eat the cake. Unless you have an intolerance... 

Then don't eat the pizza. Or the cake.

Winter Warmer

My Own Self Worth