Life Lately

When the sun was shining through my window last Sunday morning, and the blue sky was showing off, I knew how I wanted to spend my day. I popped on my coat (before taking it back off a short while later), grabbed my trainers and took a refreshing walk around Wicksteed Park fascinated that it was the start of November, yet felt more like September. I've told myself that I'm going to walk places more..But it's getting colder, so maybe I'll start in the new year...

A few weeks ago whilst pottering around town, with a few hours to kill, I decided on a whim that I wanted to go in search of new magazines. To read (or just skim through), but honestly? Because I wanted a magazine pile of quirky prints in my living room - I wanted my guests to think I was hip, and I read (I do read, kinda) and I keep hold of fun things. And actually, I found myself really enjoying Oh Comely. So much so that I bought the next issue.

I mean, they look great together now... (I'm kidding! Kinda..)

There is always time for a Prosecco and Elderflower night (fairly sure I talk about Elderflower than I do my cat at the moment). And it's made 100 times better when there's Camembert involved, Spent with good company, Gossip Girl on TV and laughter filling the room - THAT is how I did Saturday last weekend. The good life.

Another weekend, another spontaneous trip to the seaside for chips in a cone. Because chips in a cone are much much better than chips in a box right? And if you ask me, that smell of the British seaside, with its cold wind in your hair, the salty taste of the sea  and seagull poop (I went there!) doesn't quite compare to the beaches abroad..I mean, I know I'd rather be sunbathing in a bikini than getting wet seaweed off my feet, but you know, fudge and candy floss make up for it so I can't complain.

OH THAT FACE! I've been in and out of my house all week, and haven't spent much time with this big belly. But one thing I do know, is that the moment he steps outside he becomes the laziest animal in the entire planet. He'll take himself off up the tree, and perch himself on a branch for the next eight hours of work...

Now behind closed doors? That's a completely DIFFERENT story.

On Sunday, mama and I took a last minute trip to Brighton to see the brother. We caught the train super early, spent three hours talking life, before spending the next few days strolling along the front (I say strolling loosely because the three of them have much longer legs than me so what felt like an amble for them was certainly a marathon for me and my little legs...) with the wind in our hair and tea and cake on the horizon. That night consisted of some incredible Mexican food (La Choza - you must go!), Elderflower Cider, Motown singing and some family decision swiping on Tinder (mama loved THAT part!).If there's one thing I like, it's spending a Monday morning by the beach. And shopping of course!And those fun weekends aren't stopping anytime soon...

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