A weekend in Essex

My weekends are always planned around visiting friends. And full of food, drinks and catching up in our pyjamas. And a few weekends ago was no different when I packed up my car and turned up in Essex a couple of hours later with a bottle of fizz, some flowers that looked like cabbages (they were cute honestly!) and was greeted by Polly.

After a quick snoop around her house (I can't help it. I'm one of those people who looks in everyones fridges..), and a big squidge with her cute little cat Dave, we whizzed over to Southend for some pretty pale looking chips, a wander around the town and a cold ice cream on a very cold beach front. Because, English seaside!

We spent that night catching up, and laughing over embarrassing and awkward stories on all our parts. We ate some pretty tasty Thai food and had endless glasses of Prosecco and cider. Nights like these with company, whether it new or old is literally one of my most favourite things to do. Especially when there's cats in the house too!

On Sunday morning we scrubbed up my ultimate breakfast (soon enough I'm going to have to STOP eating this breakfast every weekend, just not yet!) because when there's cheese in the house, cheese must be eaten on a Sunday morning! And drank lots of tea whilst watching trashy TV and laughing over the night before's stories.

And of course no weekend could be complete without a picture of a truly awesome cat, Dave! His fluffly little face and those cute paws had me itching to take him home all weekend.I mean, surely Runkle needs a friend like Dave right?But if I snuck Dave out of the house, I'd have to take Polly too.I'd be OK with that. She's awesome!

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