The London Life

It's no secret that I like to fill my weekends with friends. Most of my dates in my diary in fact, have names dotted throughout the week with dinner plans, lunch meetings and weekends spent away seeing those faces I just love to hang out with. And a few weekends ago, I hopped on a train with my Spotify playlist for company and a hot chocolate in my hand, and headed towards the bright lights of London to see a face I like in particular, Kim.

With my backpack in tow and feeling like a trendy hipster, I met Kim at the station, and the best way to start a weekend is by catching up over food. Of course. So we popped into a little Thai restaurant and spent Friday evening laughing over the last few months events whilst sipping on a glass of wine. That's how to do Friday.

As the light came in on Saturday morning, it was nice not to rush to go anywhere and instead drank tea in bed, looking at the London skyline through the window and debating if a denim jumpsuit was too much for Kim to wear and whether moving into a bathroom is totally OK these days.

You know you've got a good friend when they make you your favourite breakfast in the morning. After a lazy morning in bed, we got dressed ready for a day of adventure, and filled our bellies with potato waffles, rocket, bacon and avocado. Because THAT is what you should eat on a Saturday morning. And it's Gluten Free. Winner.

Saturday pretty much revolved around food, with a quick pit stop in Soho for a Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Macaroon! I'm not normally a fan of macaroons (I know, sorry!), but this was literally heaven. I could have eaten it again easily. But we had a date with Boohoo at The Apartment, before stopping by The Radison for a Matilda Themed afternoon tea. You betcha - Gluten galore too! Oh and Prosecco and Elderflower jelly is a hit.

With our little feet having walked what felt like miles, we stopped at the local shop on the way home for nibbles and drinks before changing into our pyjamas for a night of trashy TV and Pimms with a serving or two of fruit. It's nice to be able to spend time together with non stop talking - because sometimes Whataspp messages aren't always the easiest to explain things. Only drool at Kim's evening meals, which I can also confirm, taste incredible.

Sunday morning came round, and I didn't want to leave because not only is Kim's place a new hideaway of mine that I like - those white walls, and floorboards AND OH THE WINDOWS, but also because it's weekends like these that are my absolute favourite things to do. And I miss being able to see her face every other weekend. Saying that though, times like these are ones you always appreciate the most.She's a good egg she is. She makes my favourite breakfast, lets me sleep in her bed next to her, has me giggling one minute and helping me decide on life dilemmas, and is an all round beautiful human.Blogging, I thank you.

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