How I like #MyBath

A few years ago, if you'd have asked me what I thought to bath's, I would have shrugged them off.

Swept them under the carpet.

And declared myself a shower girl.

Bath's were boring. They took ages to run, and then when you were in them, what did you do? It got boring. And you'd either find yourself melting from the too hot water, or shivering slightly because the cold tap had ran a little longer than normal...

WHY, couldn't it just be a nice temperature. And fun?

That was what I thought.

But within the last year, my views have changed. And I still believe that the bath fairy snuck into my house one night and changed that for me (although, she could have left me a roll top bath y'know...).

And now I like baths. A lot.

Even if I still don't have the temperature right..

Matalan Direct wanted to help me have the perfect bath one night, actually the ultimate bath and kindly sent me in search of my favourite goodies in Boots. 

I was in Soap & Glory heaven.

Literally. You can even ask my mama.

When I'm feeling like taking a break out (note, ignoring the pile of washing to be done, or emails to reply too), I'll collect up all the candles in my home and scatter them around the bath. That's how to do ultimate right? This scented candle is incredibly sweet and although it had me debating every five minutes what treats I'd nibble on after my bath, it's certainly a good one for relaxing. Sweet vanilla scents are a yes from me.

 Being in Soap & Glory heaven meant buying every single product under the sun (well, not quite but enough). And being a bubbles kinda girl, I made sure to buy some sweet bubble bath which doubles as a body lotion. Perfect for that pesky skin of mine! Doubled up with the shower gel too (I'm a clean one over here for sure!), I was left smelling like roses, and as Soap & Glory say , with sexy skin too!

The ultimate bath had company too, in the form of a big mug of fruit tea, and my bath time playlist (it's a sleepy one!), and no hair wash required. However, on this occasion with Aussie Hair giving me the eye on the shelf (they're cheeky I tell you..) I couldn't resist turning my locks into a shiny dream - and my skin into prunes at the same time.With my towel warm, the only body butter in the world which doesn't irritate my skin, and some body mist to keep myself smelling the freshest of all, waiting for me to get out, I pondered how long this time I'll take to dry.Yeah, I still do that childish thing, sitting on my bed and waiting to dry.Surely people still do that too...No, just me?Well, lets just have another five minutes here.If you don't hear from me again, I've gotten lost in the bubbles. I think I may have overdone it this time...

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