The People Please

I live with a people pleaser. The kind who will lie awaketill the early hours of the morning worrying about those closest to them. Thekind who fills up their diary making sure to see everyone, even if it meansburning the candle at both ends. The kind who won’t say how they truthfullyfeel for fear of upsetting a loved one. The kind who doesn't want to show their weaknesses and make people feel less proud of them. The kind who spends time panicking that a stranger wont like them. The kind who walks on eggshells not to say the wrong thing at times. The kind who wants to be liked by everyone. And the kind who makes themselves sometimes unhappy in order to make others happier. But the kind who is, and always will,go above and beyond, offering nothing but love for those who are a big part of their lives.

I am the people pleaser.And actually, it sometimes tiring. Really tiring.

Living alone

I like you Spain