Five things I like about Autumn

I like Autumn. Like a lot of people.But I also like Winter. And Summer. And actually, Spring.They all kind of give you different things, which is nice. So I guess we're lucky that we get to wrap up, we get to strip off (within reason), we get to enjoy late evenings but equally need no excuse to stay indoors under the duvet.But because Autumn is lurking around the corner (I told you, I saw it recently..), I'm telling you five things that I like about this season.Five things that make me excited to pull out my scarf, and knitwear.1. The feeling of contentment when you're closing your curtains, looking out the window at the dark night ahead and you feel the warmth of the radiator beneath you - And you know that you're tucked up for the evening.2. Winter chocolates on the shelf, including Lindor's new tasty chocolate orange truffles. Melt in your mouth. Need I say anymore on this?3. Scarves. And knitwear and big Winter coats. And for once, I have a practical coat. With a hood, and that'll keep me warm. Thrown together with my big blanket scarf, and I'm ready to face any temperature.. Well, kinda.4. Hot chocolate. Stirred in with two sugars and some syrup. With a sprinkle of marshmallows on top, then adding some squirty cream to hide the already melting marshmallows, before finishing up with another helping of marshmallows. And grated chocolate if you're feeling more cold than usual.5. Casserole dinners, chunky soup and mash potato. Proper Winter dinners, cooked every night, fresh from the oven. And piping hot to warm us up. Best eaten in pyjamas and bed socks.

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