A bit of me time - five things

I'm first to admit that I don't really give myself too much time, just for me.I like to be busy,I always have, and I guess I always will be.But after a busy year (I honestly don't think I've stopped that much at all), I took a few nights out for myself this week. I'll admit I found it hard, but I guess we all need to recharge at some point.I filled up the ice cream drawer.I made sure there was plenty of tea and sugar in the house.And I washed my favourite pyjamas.Updating my Spotify.. I could spend hours browsing artists on Spotify and although I listen to absolutely anything (sometimes Blazin' Squad definitely are needed for that right moment), I'm definitely a fan of chilled beats and will happily spend my day lost in my thoughts with some acoustic music playing through the speakers. Currently can't get enough of Bridges - Broods. The perfect Summer song.Scrapbooking... I've always been a hoarder, from keeping every single photograph possible, to never throwing away scraps of paper and this year after starting over, I've been collecting things (again) for a scrapbook of 2015. Of new beginnings! I'll spend time browsing Hobbycraft, and picking up cute paper and stickers from Wilkinson's. I guess I've become a stationary hoarder too...Netflix Time... Fairly sure that along with everyone, we're all partial to a bit of Netflix time! I do tend to get antsy, but have found myself in the last few weeks watching films, especially ones that get me engrossed into them. Sometimes it's good to step out of your usual style, and watch something different, which is maybe why I'm enjoying films. Un-romantic ones too! Ha.Doing something different... This is one I'm currently working on, and have found myself trying new things. Last week I decided to start running, and doing some exercise in my living room. It's only small, but it's definitely making me feel a little better (I mean I'm still eating chocolate!).Painting my nails... Since my nails have finally stopped being bitten (it's only taken 26 years!!), I've become really into painting them. Like every other week, I find myself re-painting them. Admittedly, it's always the same colour, but you know, as people say.. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!Of course with my me time, technically I'm not alone. Because it seems that whenever I'm in the house, I have a shadow.Runkle the shadow.And he doesn't want to just sit besides me, or in the same room as me.Nope, he wants to sit on me.Or be where I am, doing what I'm doing (kinda).Not that I mind. It's company still... So maybe it's not actually, me time!

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