Hey weekend!

This weekend I've been waiting for. Counting down to.The weekend where I get to hang out with some of my favourite girls. Blogging girls if you want to call them that.Although nowadays, I prefer them to be called friends. Real friends.Actually, let me rephrase that, bloody awesome friends.The type of friends who I can potter about in my knickers with (pretty sure I always do that anyway), the kind of friends who don't judge you for your actions, the type of friends who just laugh along with your stupidity, the type of friends who agree when you decide that you'd rather stay in and drink wine than go out and the type of friends who you know, are the right type of friend you want, you need.If there is one thing I will always take away with me from blogging, it's meeting some like-minded, motivated, inspirational and wonderful people who have made such an impact on my life, for the better. Who I can't imagine not having in my life, for late night chats, fun email exchanges and cherished memories with.These girls who I met, are some of the nicest people I know.They just get me. And I get them.And there is nothing I enjoy more, than planning weekends full of wine, pyjamas, cake and cups of tea and endless chat about everything, with these people. And even though are lives completely vary and we have different interests, we all still just work. Together.Blogging, I thank you.For giving me awesome friends for life.Now, if you could, please hurry up 4pm. I have a bag of wine to pack, a car to drive with Taylor Swift for company, and a food filled fun weekend planned with said girls.I heard that there'll be gluten free cake to. These girls know the way to my heart.

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