Life Lately

I had to take Little R to the vets last week, because when he kept getting stuck on my sofa.. you know his claws need a trim. And well ladies have manicures, so it's only fair that he gets one too! Although he has taken to clawing the sofa since.. the cheeky little mare. But you know, he has a cute as a button nose...

I feel like I constantly change my fireplace decor all the time. Whenever I bring something new home from the shops, or something doesn't look right, I change it all. At the moment however, I am pretty pleased with how it looks. My mama bought me the Emma Bridgewater diffuser, which smells heavenly and sits perfectly alongside my K sign. And it's in a cute milk bottle.. I think I'll rest my case.

Because my mama has been awesome and incredible these last few months (as has my papa!), I know that no amount of words, love, chocolate or flowers would thank her enough, but I wanted to buy her this beautiful bouquet of flowers so that she knows. She's way more than just a good egg, and I don't know where I'd be without her. Even if she does snore when we had a sleepover last week..

Cat sitting this little cheeky one is always fun. He's incredibly soft and fussy that I could spend hours attemtping to chase him round the garden and then curl up on the sofa with him. Plus cat sitting means that I get to raid my parents fridge.. which is a winner all round. That's meant to be a secret though.

Rosie bought me this book at the weekend, and quite honestly it's already had me in stitches, because it's just so honest. Yes, gluten free is a BITCH and the way that April writes definitely makes it relatable. There's some yummy recipes inside too.. so maybe this'll give me that push to actually get baking...

I say this every time, but spending time with good friends really is the best remedy right? And although I was feeling under the weather after my trip to the hospital last week, it was perfect to spend time in the garden with these two hot fruits. And you know something? They aren't just hot fruits. They're bloody amazing.And that is when I love internet friends the most.

Cheers to that

It's OK to not be OK.