Five Happy Things

This week has seemed jolly. Considering I spent most of last week, and the weekend pottering about and, well, the last few evenings on Netflix, I've felt content. Content in myself (although I have hugely missed spooning... I'm only human) and my surroundings.I love my place, like really love it. And when you have a nice place that always seems to be tidy (I know mama.. I still can't believe it either!) you have a clear mind.  A positive mind.Even when Runkle is lying on top of my face at 5.30am.I still feel positive. And that can almost count as a happy thing, but I can't include him every single time...New shelves. This is small, and maybe a silly thing to feel cheery about. BUT I LOVE THEM. Papa put them up for me at the weekend and instantly it's changed the living room. There's a place for my cacti (I'm already wanting some more) and my various frames with quotes in. It feels homely. Although mama felt a little sad that there weren't any photos of her...Family time. My brother came back at the weekend, and we hadn't made many plans apart from a visit to see my granny. Those kind of weekends are always nice, partly because it mainly revolved around food. Afternoon lunches at my granny's and brunch in a tasty cafe in town are ideal - and giggling over old family photos never get old.Lunch dates & Ice Cream. This week me and my colleague (she's crazy FYI), have pottered up to the shops on our lunch break for some cheeky ice creams. Making the most of the sunshine on our lunch breaks, and catching up on the past evening's antics sure make work easier. But it does mean that afternoons in the office are normally spent googling goat images...Online shopping. I go through phases of online shopping, but lately Esprit have caught my eye. They've got me wishing for a Summer holiday with their timeless and simple pieces and the colours have me re-debating my uncolourful wardrobe . I'm currently lusting after these cute T Strap Sandals and telling myself that they're a must. Because we need to wear shoes right? Surely that's a good enough reason to buy them..Spotify Playlists. I spend hours on Spotify. Like literally hours, making up new playlists and finding new songs. I'm one of those sad people who really enjoys getting into the car just so they can fully appreciate a song. I could listen to music all day at the minute, I reckon. And yes, I sing along too.So sunshine, please stay for a while longer, because you've made me cheery. And carefree. You've even got me considering whether I should remove my raincoat now.Although I'm not sure my body is ready for a bikini yet.There are too many appealing boxes of Jaffa Cakes in my cupboards. Jaffa cakes always win.Always.

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