One lazy weekend

This weekend was a lazy one. A much needed lazy one at that.I'd spent all week panicking that I had minimal plans made, and debated filling my time and diary with things to do and people to see. But I knew in the back of my head, that I needed this weekend, this time, to chill out.To just chill out and do nothing.Potter about in my pants if I wanted.Wear my hair in a topknot too.And think that I can do this. I don't need a busy diary - I can do no plans.But I know that I prefer a busy diary.. Because I get bored a little.I'm like that. Quite antsy. Or short attention span if you like.I like busy.On Sunday I made myself breakfast in bed (if I couldn't do it this weekend, then when would I!), filled my bowl with Museli and poured myself a fresh glass of grape smoothie (I'm such a sucker for a Milk Bottle*!) and spent the morning on Netflix. Well, I tried too.. Some tiny feet thought otherwise.

My only plan that was set, was to head to my friends house with cider and chocolate in tow. We spent the evening having bunny snuggles (like LOOK at that face!!), filling our faces with Camembert (you can never go wrong! Ever!), losing my Bridget Jones virginity (yep, sold. I love it!), and talking life of being a grown up.

Waking up this morning to this view was really not so bad at all, and with only the faint sounds of the wildlife pottering through the fields, I felt completely peaceful. With the sun shining through the window and a good nights sleep behind me, I was eager to head home and finish unpacking those final boxes that I'd put off doing.

After getting rid of those last few boxes, I felt ready to tackle the next room sponsored by endless cups of tea and a few cookies for energy. Feeling organised this weekend has now relaxed me, so much so, that I've even written my food shopping ready for the week.. Thanks to this awesome Ceramic Memo Card*. No panic buying here!

So, did I enjoy my lazy weekend?Did I find it utterly bliss?Well, actually, yes I did. I mean, pass me the shopping bags, the bar hopping and the food tasting anyday over a weekend in, but sometimes you just need a weekend. To not wear a bra, to not brush your hair, to sort through your paperwork and washing, and to just take time for yourself. To be a lazy cactus.And I certainly did that.And I'm now more tired this weekend from doing nothing.Which is a funny thing isn't it?But if there's one way to end this weekend for me, it's taking some chocolate to bed, finding a cheery film (sorry Blair Witch Project, not this time!), and snuggling up with little Runklebum ready for a peaceful night dreaming of cats, cheese, pandas and biscuits that I most likely can't eat.But maybe I'll just re-look at my diary first...

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