Life lately

I've been incredibly busy these last few weeks and poor little Runkle has been missing me heaps. This week I made sure to be at home every night so that we could hang out, and do you know what? We had the best time. He honestly does not leave my side. When I'm washing the dishes, he's sitting on the drainer. When I'm folding up my clothes, he's standing at my feet. When I'm curled up on the sofa, he's plonked his tubby belly on top of me, and yes, when I go to the loo.. He follows me too. But as I always say, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Living alone hasn't actually been that bad. Of course there are nights when I want to watch movies with someone, or curl up next to, but you know, it's such a different time. I feel like I do what I want, when I want. Some evenings I'll eat late, some evenings I'll eat early. And if I want to sit and eat curly fries and cheese for three nights running and watching re-runs of Gossip Girl in my pants, then hell, I will. Ain't nobody stopping me!

If you'd have asked me years ago what my take on bedding was, I always replied that I buy anything that does the job. Fast forward to now, and ever since I delved into the world of expensive bedding, I find myself constantly wanting to sleep amongst these crisp sheets, even if it means washing it and re-making it within a day. So worth it!

 Hi my name is Katy, and I have developed an obsession for cactus' and any form of succulents. When MillionD came to visit this weekend, we headed into town and returned home with two bags of those spiky plants (we definitely could have left with more, but we resisted. For now anyway...) and prickled skin. I love adding splashes of green to my neutral coloured home. One day, it'll turn into a greenhouse!

There are many wonderful people in the world, but one in particular who has stuck with me this week. When an email popped through my inbox a few weeks back from essentially a stranger, asking to send me a present, I felt a little unsure. What? Why me? However after talking to Polly (who, by the way is literally an inspirational lady!), she simply wanted to send me a 'pick me up' parcel as she'd once received from a stranger before. Honestly... This is quite simply one of the kindest things someone has ever done. The fact Polly reached out to me (and ended up listening to me pour out about the last few months!) was such a warm and humble feeling.Polly has now inspired me in many ways. And firstly, I am making up a little parcel myself to send onto someone who needs that pick me up. Because it works. And people are awesome!

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