A weekend in London

Earlier this year, I made it my mission to get back in touch with old friends. Friends who just passed by nowadays, and only caught up on from their Instagram feed or their Twitter timeline.One of my best things I did, was get back in touch with my chum Steph. Steph and I worked and lived abroad together and were basically two peas in a pod.But life got in the way and we didn't hang out for nearly four years (I know, regret!).Now everytime we meet up, we set dates in the diary.And once again, we're two peas in a pod. She's become my little avocado.So I headed to see her a few weeks back, down in London town. And we had the best time. We spent most of it eating, and rediscovering my childhood love of Potato Waffles, we shopped and gave up within an hour, and we rode bicycles through the park pretending to be Summer in 500 Days.Those weekends full of food are always the best.As is my friend Steph. I like her a lot. And her duvet.

If there's one bed (apart from my own of course), that I'd happily move into, I think I'd take Steph's.  Never in my life have I felt more like a marshmallow than I do hiding and snuggling under her duvet. It is heavenly. As is her bedroom - the perfect haven for relaxing and catching up on life. Complete with funny tasting tea.

A good day is always started with breakfast, and she took me to a quaint little spot for some eggs and coffee. We giggled about awkward dates, cabbage patches and drunk times and then pottered about reading lost notes of peoples past before braving the shops and basically trying on the whole of Forever 21.. Before giving up!

As we left the hoards of shoppers, we headed towards Victoria Park and thought it would be a crack if we hopped on some bikes. Being as unfit as each other, meant it was totally cool to amble at slower than slow pace, but we still managed two laps of the park. And even debated buying ourselves bikes for the Summer.. Because, life!

The streets of London are always so different to the next and I could get lost in the rows and rows of beautifully built terraced houses. Drooling over their big bay windows and high ceilings, and filled throughout with wooden floorboards has me wondering of who lives inside each door. London is strangely magical. Yet busy.

Sunday morning was spent in our pyjamas, drinking tea and watching the London Marathon. Surprisingly, we found ourselves really getting involved, and we celebrated the motivated people, by eating our morning away with potato waffles, bacon and avocado. It was that good, I picked some potato waffles up on the way home!

Fairly sure I say this everytime, but friends are really all kinds of awesome. And Steph is one of them.Even if she did drop me in a cabbage patch a few years back....

It's OK to not be OK.

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