A beautiful weekend

Last month was one that I'd spent majority of the year looking forward to. Counting down on my diary too, and feeling super excited for.The beautiful Rosie was getting married (YEP. MARRIED. Like real grown up stuff!), to her equally handsome man, Tom. And I was invited to celebrate the beginnings of new things for them.That's a nice feeling you know.To be part of something so special like that.Oh, I love a good wedding I do.Although I'm that guest. The one that cries over everything. Happy tears city, I tell you.Also, apologies to the couple in front of me who always looked concerned every time I weeped a little more. Weddings are just SO romantic. SO lovely.

The ceremory was quite possibly one of the most perfect ceremonies you could ever dream of. Not only was it held in a beautiful and quaint old mill, but seeing Bodhi in his mint bow tie had me squeeing with delight. Rosie oozed beauty and elegance, and Tom looked super dapper. I debated walking down the aisle to him myself....

The table settings were every girls dream, with the flowers being effortless in their vintage watering cans, alongside cute heart bowls full of mini eggs (yes, one of each colour ever single time thanks!). The paper hearts and advice to the bride and groom notes were just the finishing touches that makes a wedding one to remember.

Ahh the gluten table. The table that screamed 'EAT ALL OF ME'. Like seriously, look at all those delightful looking cakes ranging from Strawberry to Lemon and Chocolate, and meringues thrown in for good measure. And the perfectly swirled cupcakes (go Sarah!!). Lets just say that this table didn't last that long...

This girl. My date for the day - and an awesome date at that. So awesome that we even ended up in matching pants, and decided that after one too many drinks and sharing a Cornish pasty, that it was totally acceptable to tell a stranger this news. She's a keeper, I tell you. Maybe I'll marry her.

Getting out of bed the next morning was hard (except for Char - don't know how that lady does it!), but nothing sorted us out like a big greasy fry up and a windy walk along the beach. The wind in our hair, and the sun blazing down on us was the perfect way to end what was one of the loveliest weekends of the year so far. Weddings and good friends are literally the best medicine.

And this one. THIS one, MillionD to be precise, is bloody awesome. Literally super awesome. And when she's drunk, I want to spend my whole life around her.So Million... Want some more alcohol...??!!

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