Five Happy Things

Little Winter used to be a place of appreciating the smallest things in life, and bringing out the beauty of everyday things, for others to see. After my last post felt a little sad (it was honest, real life. But also THANKYOU!), I wanted to write this post, for two reasons:To cheer Little Winter back upAnd to make me remember those small things in life that we sometimes forget.Inspired by the beautiful Victoria (she really is awesome!) and with the last week being a whirlwind full of romantic weddings, laughter, tears, dancing, drinking, and a day sat in my pants, I'm giving love and appreciation to five things that made me smile.Runkle. I always have a lot of love for cats, but Runkybum in the last few weeks has been such a little prince. He always seems to be there at the right time (actually he always seems to be there at everytime...!) And I really don't mind when he flops on my face at 2am, making me move to one side of the bed so he can snuggle on in with me.Fresh Flowers. It's no secret that I bought flowers once a week, and with moving into a new place, I've had a flurry of flowers and plants. This week was the first week I hadn't freshened up the house, but when I got home from a weekend away, my mama had put some fresh daffodils in a bottle on my windowsill. Mama is a sweet one.Reading. I have a handful of books and it was always enough. I get easily distracted by everything else, so find reading a book only possible when I'm on holiday somewhere. This week I've made it my mission to open the pages of 'The Wrong Knickers' and find the warmest and cosiest spot on my snuggle to get lost into the words.Lighter Evenings. There are times when I enjoy nothing more than coming home and closing the curtains and turning the heating on. But right now, I love arriving home and seeing the sun shining into my living room until 8pm with my evenings feeling longer. And the perfect excuse for drinking a fruity cider!A Busy Diary. I like being busy. When I'm busy I think I want to slow down, but actually, I just like being busy. My diary has been full for the past two months, and I'm trying to fill up my weekends with friends and family all over the country. I like having things to look forward too, and faces to catch up with is the best kind of medicine!Tell me. What things made you happy this week?

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