Happy Days

Little B and I are always fond of not only making memories, but remembering and treasuring them. As a teenager, I had various scrapbooks and still have boxes under the bed which remain full of "special moments"... Those things that probably mean absolutely nothing to anybody else, but to me, are what has made my life so far. And like everything, I want to continue these things, so when I saw Sarah's Instagram picture with her happy memories jar, I took note (quite literally at a later stage!) and decided that we too, would make our own 'Happy Days' jar. The jar that will be written in everyday, where we must find one thing that has made us happy.. And yes, eating Camembert definitely counts as a happy day!!

It was also the best excuse to 'need' to buy some more jars (because y'know, we don't own enough already...) and pop a cute bow around the lid, because, I like ribbon. And bows. And proudly placed the jar on a shelf in the living room, which prompts us each night, to write down a few words and add it into the jar. And watch it begin to fill, full of memories and moments, and those simple pleasures that we can easily forget every day.

I can't wait to read back through them at the end of the year. And then stick them somewhere else. Because I'm a hoarder like that...! 

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