Cats in Black & White

We do not need the weather to give us the excuse that staying in wins over getting wrapped up and heading out on the weekend. Nope, we're all for curling up under the faux fur throw, with some Lindt chocolate and some poorly chosen TV. And those kitties of course...!

Last weekend was one of those weekends where we did very very little. It was genuinely a much needed time to do nothing with having just finished up a twelve day week. And since Christmas, we've not been around much so little Ralph has had to adapt again, and has probably felt a little lonely. Which would explain why he does not leave us alone, even when we take a trip to the bathroom...

Gahhh look at those little faces! I'm totally 110% biased but they seem like the cutest things. They're faces never seem to make us smile, and coming home from work to be greeted by these two is one of the warmest feelings at the end of each day. And although people say that cats aren't as loving and needing as dogs, these two in the last month or so have wanted our attention constantly. And we're totally fine with it.

Are they best friends yet? There's still a lot that we're working on, and hoping that as Ralph calms down (this hasn't happened yet), he'll start to learn when Runkle wants his own space and to snooze. But right now, if Ralph isn't suckling on our knuckles whilst laying on our chest (or our head), then you can bet your bottom dollar that he's bumping bums on the bed with Runkle. And it's safe to say that after these next two busy weeks and weekends (seriously, when will it stop?!), we'll be joining them and having another lazy weekend. Because lazy days with cats, cuddles and endless chocolate, are ultimately the best in our household right now.

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