Merry Christmas!

We just want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and just a huge thank you for all your love and support this year with Little Winter. We are still so humble whenever we receive emails thanking us for our posts, or tweets that make us smile and Instagram comments declaring your love for these two terrors.. We genuinely appreciate it, and cannot believe that people actually enjoy reading about our lives, especially considering we spend most of it on the sofa with our slobs on, one hand in a bag of popcorn and the other probably picking our nose or stroking the cats (not at the same time, don't worry - that's gross!).

This year has definitely been a completely better one compared to last year, but it's also shown how unprepared we were for the big world of owning your own home. What were once bickers of who's turn it is to drive home, have now been replaced by worries over how to fix a boiler that we have to solve on on our own now and just how patient you need to be when wallpapering. And that Christmas wishlists change from being fun things, to sensible purchases like a new shower... But saying that, it's also been incredibly wonderful seeing our house turn into a home infront of our very own eyes, and of course having two little (or 8 if you think about it..) paws flying about the place. I guess you could say, that right now, we're feeling pretty content. And just like anyone and everyone else, we have our ups and down days, but come next year - we are READY for you. We're going to be even more grown up than ever, and maybe, just maybe, we'll finally get round to putting a handle on the downstairs toilet.. But y'know, priorities come first - there's front doors to be painted, and shelves to put up in the spare room!

We're going to be taking a few days off this big wide web, and embrace time with the ones we love most (that includes cheese!) eating, playing games and basically just slobbing out with the kitties and our families. Our Christmas tree is already bursting with presents underneath (that are not so hidden and already ripped thanks to tiny feet!), and we can't wait to open and share them with our to-be-full household on Christmas Day (we're totally hosting our first one!). So here's to all of you, to have the best Christmas that you possibly can, and take a moment to appreciate everyone and everything around you. Because Christmas is the best time to do that for most of us, but not all. If you are feeling alone, then please, take a look at this post. Christmas is a time for everyone to feel loved. Now, pass me that roasting tray.. I've potatoes to dice!

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