Life Lately

With us not having a spare five minutes this week, it's fair to say that we were incredibly grateful for that extra lazy day last Sunday. We stayed in bed all morning, and just about managed to pull the blind up to let the natural sunlight in, and opted for cuddles and treats for the kitties. I'm almost really liking these lazy days, which is funny, considering I used to hate staying indoors. I blame the cats!

Our house is feeling festive already this year, which is normally too early. Decorations are banned until after my birthday but this week I felt ready to buy a real tree (it's only small, but it's a start) and deck the house out with bunting and reindeer ornaments. We're attempting to be more handmade this year, with our Christmas cards already made, our hampers prepared and these cute decorations from Yankee Candle* waiting to be glued together.

Oh look at this little cute curling tail of his. Runkle is being a funny one lately, he wants to be wherever Ralph is and will only go outside for his morning wee and that's him done till the following morning (I don't blame him, it's too cold!). And although he wants to hang out with Ralph, he turns into such a funny character when Ralph is shut in the dressing room (normally to calm down!) and wants our undivided attention. I'm not complaining!

Ralph may look like the cutest little kitten who is so sweet and cuddly, but let me tell you.. He's a right terror. His cute pink nose and padded paws completely make up for it though - and those moments he's asleep on our heads. But the tree lights are really fun for him, as is the string hanging off the stairs, oh and anything that moves when he walks past it? Yep. He wants to play with it ALL. Even our pants that are left in the washing basket.!

Normally I'm pretty useless at dressing for Winter and whatever I wear, I'm always cold. But this year I'm getting it right (even if it doesn't look that way!) and have a nice collection of vests and knits keeping me cosy. This Sugarhill Boutique* is fast becoming a favourite (yep, and it's shorter than my others!) because it just goes with everything. Skirts? Yep. Jeans? Of Course? Over dresses? You betcha! My mama has her eyes on it now..! And my beloved new scarf - let's just say that it doesn't really leave my side. Like ever.

Talk about organised this year, not only have we bought all our presents but we've plans for NYE too. We're that organised that Little B is ALREADY debating what to wear for our evening in Birmingham (I guess his tie choices are like my black boot dilemmas?). We've already booked our hotel, but are currently deciding between the various choices of restaurants on Quandoo. This site is pretty awesome, and makes choosing a restaurant so much easier in one place (yeah, we've all done the 10 website links open before!). And especially with the fact I now have to look for Gluten Free options, I like how it gives you a glimpse of the menu.  Now do we choose Mexican? Or Spanish? Or a good pub? And I guess I best get choosing my own outfit...

We like pictures and we like Instagram. And we love our Instagram magnet covered fridge, with a lot of time spent on Sticky9 and PicStick*- so when Boomf appeared through my letterbox one cold afternoon, I was genuinely blown away. Instagram marshmallows! IN HOT CHOCOLATE. Hell yeah!! Although, I'm really struggling to eat the cat ones.. I'm sure it won't be long when I hear the kettle boil!

We wore Laura Ashley

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