Winter Knits

If there's one thing that I'm known for in my wardrobe, it's slouchy attire (or maternitywear-for-the-unpregnant-lady as my work colleagues like to point out). I like slobby tops, and loose fitting dresses and most recently have become slightly addicted to my new favourite slouchy knit. Because it's big and cosy, and just pretty awesome. And I can eat as many treats as I like, and you'll never know (until I wear something else..).

What once was a girl who lived in dresses and fell in love with sweet skirts, has been replaced by practical, comfortable and 'quality' pieces. Don't get me wrong, I still like to buy the occasional top and jumper from Primark, but for me now, it's all about those basic pieces that can be worked together. And with my jeans too. Seriously - it's amazing how much I wear these considering two years ago I'd never have worn them. I guess as we get older, we really do appreciate mama's words of quality over quantity. But that doesn't count for my pyjama wardrobe. Nope, they're a completely different matter...

H&M Knit | New Look Jacket & Boots | Asda Scarf | Miss Luxe Bag

This Wintery week

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