Chocolate and Cats

Winter for us is kind of an extra special thing.. The cold nights and the constant drizzly weather (and frizzy 'fro) are always beaten by the beautiful morning frost, the time to actually relax and snuggle up in pyjamas every night with a sweet warm cocoa, and most importantly for us - the season where we met. I'm not going to get all smushy on you (I did that in my last post) but waking up to those snow covered mountains out the window, spending afternoons enjoying mulled cider, warming your feet up near an open fire and always finding time for a really proper hot chocolate, made me truly love the Winter months. And get slightly addicted to hot chocolate made with warm milk. The proper kind.

A few weeks ago, Lindt sent me quite possibly the best parcel* this household has ever received (like seriously, all those chocolate? Yeah, they were gone in a day). Little B and I fought over the variety of chocolate flavoured bitesizes whilst Runkle embraced the big ole box and tissue paper and in all honestly, we were pretty bloomin' chuffed with it (we're looking at you Sally!). But the best thing about the package (besides the humungous Lindt Bear..) is the hot chocolate. Yes, you heard right.. Lindt Hot Chocolate. And you make it with milk too. It's a win.

Somehow we'd managed to resist the hot chocolates (everything else had to go first) until the weekend. Sunday came around quickly, and none of us felt like leaving the house, actually, none of us bothered to even get dressed (no change for two of the house members..) and after a few hours of pottering about, watching some TV and planning the week ahead, we thought it was time for kitty bonding time again (it's a work in progress - but OHGODLOOKHOWCUTETHEYLOOK - can this be classed as a cuddle?).Little B warmed up a jug of milk on the hob, and added in a few teaspoons of sugar before stirring in the msot wonderful and thick powder. With two big mugs full and a plate of biscuits, we headed back up to bed where our afternoon was spent feeling more than content. All thanks to the hot chocolate and it's rich and creamy ways.Lindt, welcome to the cupboards for life. Here's to a tasty Winter!

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