Things lately

A few weeks ago, we headed for a lazy weekend in Brighton. With the weather being truly British (think drizzly and pretty windy), we wrapped up warm with coats and hats and embraced the cold for a stroll along the pier. There was of course time for the 2p slot machines and to potter around The Lanes to pick up some fudge for the journey home. We also met this little chap who was incredibly calm (even if he did step in his poop..).

Warming up hot milk in the microwave and adding in two dollops of Nutella when you get in from work, is literally the craziest thing we've done on a week night (since then, we've discovered Lindt cocoa!). I think our shopping list every other week seems to have marshmallows and squirty cream at the top of it. 

The best kinda weekends are the ones filled with friends and food right? Rosie and Tom came to stay a few weekends ago, and although it was fairly relaxed, it was just lovely. We spent our late mornings filling up on tasty breakfasts and catching up and our afternoons browsing the local emporium for treats and presents, followed by a very giggly time on the ice rink. Nobody fell over though - wins!

The same weekend that Rosie came to stay, Claire and Sarah popped up for an evening of laughs and naughty card games (not that kind..!). There was plenty of homemade mulled wine, tasty snacks and a pretty epic surprise birthday cake. Of course the following morning, we treated our guests to a truly scrumptious Nutella French Toast. Because it would be rude not too..

Is it bad to admit that before we brought Ralph home, we were pretty busy every weekend, but now we kinda just want to hang out with our cats? Well, we've been doing that for three weeks. And it's been awesome! These two are absolutely comical to watch (not sure Runkle agrees when he's trying to get fourty winks) and bringing Ralph home was the best decision we made recently. Look at that cuteness.

Getting another cat

Chocolate and Cats