Weekend in Norfolk

At the beginning of the month, we packed up our car with sensible coats, birthday presents and warm clothing and headed for a weekend in Norfolk with Little B's family. With the colder weather setting in, we pulled up outside this adorable little cottage in Docking and within minutes had changed our boots for slippers, the kettle was brewing and catching up and chill was on the cards for that Friday evening. It was bliss already.

On Saturday morning, we tugged on our wellies and drove to Brancaster beach. With the weather being fairly sunny, it really makes you realise just how beautiful the English beaches can be. Little B and his mama and brother had planned before to swim in the sea, and after what felt like forever getting to the sea, they whipped off their clothes and raced into the cold water.

It's fair to say that they stayed in the water for at least 20 minutes, which is much better than the rest of us managed! As the sun started to shy away in the clouds, the towels were waiting to dry their cold bodies with.

Although I didn't go in the sea, it was lovely to be out in the fresh air, laughing as they tried to swim in shallow waters and finally admitting that it's time to buy some wellies - because those trainers that served their purpose in the French Alps, aren't quite so good in wet sand. Luckily Little B's mama lent me hers!

We spent the afternoon walking across the sands, finding the seals relaxing, and talking of what we'd do if we'd won the lottery. When we finally felt cooler, we hopped back in the car and made a pit stop for a local ale and warm drink. And pined for the stonebaked pizza's that passed us every five minutes.

Whilst back in the cottage, spare time was spent attempting a jigsaw. I've not done one of these in so long, and couldn't quite believe how addictive it was. Each morning we'd wake up and head straight to the jigsaw, and even ruled out precious getting-ready-for-dinner-time in favour of the jigsaw.

The following morning we wrapped up warm again and headed back to where we'd eaten the night before to see the beautiful views. The fresh crisp air made us stop in our tracks and really appreciate these incredible surroundings. And I most definitely wished that I lived in these adorable little cottages.

On our way to the local village, the boys wanted to visit The Real Ale Shop and also a fresh fish barn where they spent what felt like a decade choosing their fish for the week ahead's supper (I'm not a fan of fishy smells!). The afternoon was spent pottering the local village, and finished up with fresh fish and chips on the front.

Weekends like these really are lovely. Spending it with family, drinking hot drinks and wine, eating fish & chips and tasty breakfasts, doing simple things and catching up are just bliss. We're already planning the next trip. With the right footwear this time!

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