This weeks favourites

 This week I arranged another bouquet.. I wasn't quite as pleased with it, but after a Floristry workshop the following day, I've learnt that it's all in the greens. For my second attempt, it wasn't too bad. And flowers make anybody smile, regardless of how jumbled they are.

 This weekend, Little B had left the two of us in bed as he played golf. I treated myself to breakfast in bed, because sometimes they're the best kind of mornings. Little R wanted to join in, and spent the entire time watching every mouthful. I've also discovered that he really, really likes pancakes.

This week, my Fossil watch* has not left my side. It's become my new go to watch for work, and the chunky style with the big dial is perfect for my terrible eyesight. Joshua James are giving my readers 10% off with the code LITTLEWINTER10, so if you fancy some new arm candy - I hugely advise.

This week, we've been super organised all thanks to our new chalkboard. Writing down our meals Sunday night has made us have dinner every night and not have to worry about getting this and that out of the freezer. It's also got us itching for a new kitchen, but for now new recipe books will do!

This week I've been re-arranging. I feel like I'm constantly changing things over in our home (I always used to change my childhood bedroom every month!) and this time it's the bedroom shelves. These adorable Perfume and Pharmacy Bottles* from DotComGiftShop sit proudly on the shelf and also work pretty nicely as vases too. Winner!

This week we had Courgetti. Twice. We have it once a week at the moment because it's incredibly simple to make and tastes so so delicious. We finally bought a Julienne Peeler which saves us carefully (and very slowly) cutting 6 cougettes. Life is now complete.

This week I spent some time with my pal Claire which was lovely as always. We caught up (3 weeks apart is a LONG time y'know!), we laughed, we cried (OK I cried - cat related. totally fine!) and we ate lots. We also left each other on Thursday evening feeling incredibly inspired, with full support behind each other. She's a bit of an ace one.

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