The Start of Autumn

There is something so inviting about the welcoming of Winter. I know we've harped on about it for the last few weeks now, but nothing beats coming home to a cosy house, popping on your Wintery pyjamas and upon closing the curtains, the warmth of the radiator hits you as you look outside at the cold and dark weather, knowing that you're tucked up and all snug for the rest of the evening. That's what bliss is for us right now. The simple things.

Winter calls for cheeky hot chocolates with huge servings of marshmallows and squirty cream. We've just discovered Nutella hot chocolate and are currently enjoying a mug most nights, because it's just too tasty not to have when you're catching up on some trashy TV - Yes, TLC for the win. Every night.

My papa always said that when I lived with them, it was like living in Blackpool with all the lights on. The same still applies in our home now, and the first thing I do when I'm through the front door is dim the main lights and turn on all the fairy lights. It creates the most cosy of rooms. We think so anyway!

Candles are on throughout the year in our home, but this year we've gone even more candle crazy and have realised that this house can be heated so much with just 8 candles lits in the living room (money saving for us - see ya heating!). These Ikea tealights were far too cute to not pick up (not that I needed an excuse).Ahh Winter, we are embracing you with open arms this year.

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