The Simple Things

With Winter safely arrived (and very quickly), we've pulled out the gravy and opted for Winter casseroles twice a week. Because piling all the vegetables from the fridge into a big pot of warm gravy and leaving it in the oven for a few hours is the best thing about those dark evenings. And the smell as you arrive home, oh that smell.

Little R has finally realised that it's getting chillier, and decides that sleeping on the landing isn't that snug. There's always a race as to who can make it to bed first, and he seems to be winning at the moment. Sometimes I wish that I had his life. His food is always there for him, he gets pampered AND gets to sleep all day. I am jealous.

Most of this month has been spent hidden under the duvet due to the office bug and food intolerances (we're still working that one out) and if anything good has come from it, we've learnt to take things a little easier. We made plans not to make plans recently and enjoyed an ultimate lazy morning. With the sun shining too, it was bliss.

I think the award for the most beautiful Christmas decorations goes to Laura Ashley. A few weeks ago I popped along to their #HandmadeChristmas event which well and truly got me feeling festive and ready to embrace all things sparkly (it's the only time I'll allow for sparkles - sorry!) It also taught me that I really am super uncreative, and the kitty thought so too, when I woke to find my handmade headpiece had been eaten by him. Oh cat life.

Seeing these two ladies a few weeks ago was just delightful. Little Jazzpad never fails to make me smile, and just gets me. We always have such a wonderful time and can catch up till the cows come home (yes, I totally said that). It was also my first full time hanging out with the ever so sassy Miss Cohen, who is officially awesome.

It was my nana's birthday last week, so I put those floristry fingers to use again and attempted another tablepiece. For only supermarket flowers and greenery from the garden, I don't think I've done such a bad job (although I'm sad that I couldn't save the hessain from last time). My nana was pretty pleased which is the main thing.

Life this month

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