Mornings with John Lewis

If there's one thing that everybody in the world has in common, it's our love of sleep (apart from the small minority out there, I'm sure!) and if some of us had our way, we'd spend our days in bed. But with jobs, busy plans and basically just life, we don't tend to sleep as much, and appreciate those extra few hours in bed - unless it's a clock change, then we're all for it! These last few weeks however, Little B and I have made the effort to not make plans (I know, it sounds weird huh?) and just grab an early nights sleep, potter about the house and enjoy lazy breakfasts. And actually, it's been bliss.

One morning we made ourselves a sweet coffee and poured Orange juice into these adorable cups, chopped up some melon and added in a dash of grapes, took a handful of blueberries and headed up to the spare room for a lazy and content morning. Some people may find this perculiar that we like to relax in the spare room, but there's just something so relaxing and calming that makes us retreat that grey and fresh room. And it's had some extra additions thanks to John Lewis.

Our Spotify playlists vary on a daily basis with songs being repeated until it gets too much. We currently have a mixture of James Bay and Daughter on repeat with their incredibly beautiful vocals and words. And although we've embraced the lazy mornings, spending it in our comfortable pyjamas and foot duvets (yes, such thing and an amazing creation!) that keep our toes warm, we'll still always be sure that by late morning we're dressed and ready to make the most of the day.

For the best nights sleep, we take simple pleasure of running a relaxing bath with some calming bath salts and having fresh pyjamas waiting for when you get out. Jumping into our heavenly bedsheets (we're more in love than we ever thought possible..), lighting a lavender scented candle and snuggling down with our favourite or current read really does make us feel relaxed and like we've slept better than we've ever slept before. And there is nothing quite like getting into bed early and snuggling under the duvet during the cold Winter months. As if we really needed an excuse..

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