Autumnal Vibes

Autumn comes with such full force compared to Summer. With Summer you are slowly eased in of the warmer months, taking layer upon layer off, one day at a time. Autumn however has been hiding round the corner, and suddenly those strappy tops and shorts are good no more, replaced by knitwear and boots. The evenings draw in quicker and the temperature drops knowing that fairly soon the Christmas countdown is on.

 Sugarhill Boutique Jumper* | Primark Skirt | Quiz Boots* | Fossil Watch* | Primark SocksI like a good jumper me (she says, with only roughly three) and spent last Winter wearing my beloved Zoe Karssen Bat one to death, so when I spied this Midnight Sweater, I knew that it was going to be another clingy relationship. And so far, it totally has. It has won my heart (still love you ZK, but this one has more room for pies and things!) and with it's slouchy feel, those weekends are all that more better. I'm fairly certain that Little B has even been eyeing it up.. He'd have to fight me for it first!

Actually, saying that, Little B has also been eyeing up my new Fossil Watch too thinking it the perfect unisex watch, till he tried it on. And realised that it's far more feminine than he thought. I'm pleased, because I don't wish to share it with him.. Unless it means him carrying it around after my weak wrists cannot handle the weight of it anymore. Yep, that's right. Glamorous chunky watches make for sore wrists. Fashion, it really is a funny old thing.

H&M Shirt | River Island Jeans | Sarenza TrainersWhen Little B said he was going to put on his orange shirt, I remembered this awful checked thing, that was a little on the baggy side. Fast forward two years (WHAT, you mean, he kept it for that long? Yup!) and in fact, it's not quite so bad anymore. Maybe it is true, that sometimes you can also grow into your clothes (pretty sure, I'm going the other way... Too much good food around!) and I think Little B made the right decision keeping it. I guess you could say he was just getting ahead of the trend.. That's what he likes to think anway.

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