Tassel Boots

 H&M Dress | New Look Jacket | Ash Boots | Olivia Burton Watch | LYDC Bag

Many a times I will find myself reaching for the same item of clothing (funnily enough, I'm not actually talking about my leather jacket and black boots.. Uh huh, I know I wear these a million!) and spend hours fretting that I just have nothing to wear (which is also funny considering I have a whole room dedicated to clothes!).I always tell myself that I must become more adventurous whilst I whittle away lunch breaks pinning super stylish ladies on Pinterest. What is their secret to always looking effortlessly cool? I can only pull this off in comfortable attire of sweatpants (I like to think I look effortless, which I do. But also probably trashy. Win some, lose some!). So today I dug out this dress, because I like it and it makes me feel a little cool.. And then I put it with my jacket and instantly remember how predictable I am.But alas, today I felt like a cool kid, a cool kid that shops at Urban Outfitters and such. Talking of UO - my dear friend Jazzpad has this awesome competition for those Midlands folk like me (yes this is my subtle entry of what I'd wear - everybody likes a bit of bum showing sometimes!), who can win a ticket to the opening event of UO in Leicester - pretty cool huh? There's also access to the stylist team, and by the way my predictable attire is going.. I could probably do with a few tips! Fashion - it's a funny ole thing isn't it?

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