Simple colours

Expressing our love for monochrome on our last outfit post hasn't swayed us to add much colour to outfits lately. We seem to have fallen into the trap of those basic colours, you know the ones, the blacks and greys and navy's and tan's. I mean you just can't go wrong with them and they never let you down. Not ever. Especially not this jacket of mine either. Chances are it'll be walking places on it's own soon enough!

 River Island Top | Primark Skirt | New Look Boots & Jacket | LYDC Bag* | Olivia Burton Watch

As you've probably noticed on this little site of ours, seeing myself in something strappy or showing upper skin, is rare. Incredibly rare. So it's almost a little shock that I picked up this River Island top a few weeks back with it showing some shoulder, and dare I say it, a little corner of my chest. You see, upon realising that most of my wardrobe isn't practical for any form of beach holiday, I kinda panicked and after debating it for quite some time (I feel sorry for my friend who sat in that changing room waiting for me...), the option of buying this top was non existent. I needed it really. Oh and the skirt? I didn't need that. But it went fairly nice together. 

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