Butternut squash & Sweet potato salad

If there's one thing I cannot stop eating at the minute, it's butternut squash and sweet potato. Like seriously, I want it in everything - along with halloumi of course! On the weekends that we're about (which is pretty rare) I have started to enjoy cooking us up something a bit tasty and this butternut squash and sweet potato salad has been my ultimate favourite. And finished up perfectly with some Tzatzki on the side.

As I always mention, we don't measure quantities or have a set guide for cooking - we personally prefer to have enough that we think will cover however many we're cooking for (in this instance two), and just trial and error. So to make this delicious salad you will needButternut Squash & Sweet Potato (I used a tiny whole squash, and half a potato)Leaf (lettuce, rocket, spinach or whatever works best for you)Sweetcorn (I love the sweetcorn!)PeppersCourgette (ideally grated but not essential)Feta YUM!Pesto (I'd normally use green, but red works too!)Oregano & PaprikaFirstly I dice my squash and potato, drizzle some oil, sprinkle some paprkia and a splash of salt and place in the oven on 200degrees. This will roughly take half hour, but I personally just keep an eye on it. Whilst these are cooking, I prepare the rest of the salad, grating the courgette, cutting feta into small pieces, dicing the peppers (you can always fry these too) and cutting up the leaf, because I am a child, and the supermarkets keep it fairly big. Then I'll arrange this all on my plate leaving the feta till last so that it slightly melts over the squash.Once your squash and potato are cooked, mix in some pesto and simply add to the salad. Finish with a sprinkle of Oregano and serve. We're fans of Tzatzki and think that a few dollops to the side of your plates makes for the tastiest salad this Summer. Let us know if you make this!


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