Being home

Little R got his first taste of the cattery whilst we were away on holiday. He really told us about his time there, but we get the impression he was miserable. A miserable little button. Yet considering this, he has not left our side one bit since we've been back... He'll pop out into the garden and within minutes head back inside to check we're still there. That's cool though - I don't mind. But I do mind waking up to this view on Sundays...

Being away means for unopened emails. And you know what? It's pretty great. What's not so great, is coming back and having to sit down and tackle through them. It's taken some forcing, but today we both grabbed some popcorn, a cold drink and sat down with the mindset that we CAN totally do this. We got halfway before working our way to the sofa to catch up on TV. The rubbish TV shows kind.

Birthday celebrations call for birthday flowers. Always! And with it being a close friend of mine's, I had in mind that I really really wanted to make my own bouquet. Sadly with no flowers growing in the garden, I headed to the local shops and picked up four different bunches including flowers I wanted, took them home and put together my own arrangement. And you know what? I'm pretty darn chuffed with this. AND I got to keep a vase myself!

As much as I'm not into showing much skin, I did struggle adapting from a bikini to pretty much Winter clothing. Like ooh golly it's pretty cold huh? I however, am NOT and refuse to wear tights until October. So for now it's the midi's and jeans. Oh and the boots are back out. Yep... We refound our love for those trusty shoes of ours. Although with Winter looming, surely this means for new boots?

Tassel Boots

Nutella French Toast with Strawberries