Sarenza footwear

Primark Dress | Sarenza Sandals* | Ray Ban Sunglasses | Warehouse Bag*

We've said it before, and we're totally going to say it again - it seems that our life motto has become "the couples that dress together, stay together". Well, that's what we like to tell ourselves anyway. Even if it isn't intentional (we promise!).. But last week called for a blue kinda day, because the sun was shining and the sky was blue. And our wardrobes are blue. And that's basically all there is too it.

Oh and the fact that we had the chance to wear our new Sarenza kicks. Honestly, considering I've always been a bit of a boots girl (shoutout to the rows of black and tan boots lined up in the dressing room), these sandals have completely swayed me. Like ultimate swayed me that I've worn them more times than I can count already. I want ten thousand sandals now. In a variety of colours.

Visiting friends in Christchurch

A lazy day