Visiting friends in Christchurch

Last weekend we packed up the car with pretty much the whole house, and headed down south for one of the best weekends we've had in a while to visit my chum Rosie and her man Tom. And of course little Bodhi (we tried ever so hard to sneak him home in our bags...) who is officially awesome!

Armed with goodies for all the clan (including the noisiest dog toy ever - it's the only way!) we arrived on the Friday night and within moments were right at home and catching up, just like you do with old friends.

 We began our weekend with a chilled dog walk, where for once I had practical shoes on which was a rare moment. Once Bodhi was all raced out, we headed to Boscanova for some pretty delicious breakfast full of pancakes, syrup, halloumi, pitta and coffee. It's the best kinda way to start a morning.

Once our stomachs had been fed and watered, the afternoon was spent strolling along the Poole Quay discussing what kind of boats we'd have, debating what we'd do if we lost a shoe and admiring those seagulls (that was just me)!

As we ambled along the Quay, we passed the folk festival and felt it only right to stop for some fruit ciders and ales whilst we soaked up the afternoon sunshine. For that brief moment, we considered becoming Morris dancers.

Rosie and Tom took us to the Boathouse for dinner much to Little B's delight. With Camembert on the menu, there is no question about whether or not it's going to be ordered, so we tucked into two tasty pots full, with some fresh bread.

The rest of the food was incredibly delicious as we tucked into fish, chicken and a second helping of halloumi (I can't get enough of it!). Sadly we didn't have room for pudding, but some Pimms and cocktails sorted us right out.

As you get older, sticky dance floors aren't always the most fun and with the evening sun still shining we strolled through Christchurch harbour talking to the swans, hiding in the graveyard (a perculiar kinda evening I know) and talking about those greatest mysteries of life. And laughing at the lumberjack boys.

There is nothing quite like waking up to the sound of seagulls when you're near the beach, and with an early morning came a cute little face to wake up Little B. I think they've become pals since he bought Bodhi a treat.

After we'd sipped on fresh tea and coffee and finished up with some pretty scrummy bacon sarnies, we packed up the van and headed for the beach. We made sure to stop at a local farm shop for the sweetest of strawberries.

Sunday afternoon was perfect. Once we'd finally unloaded the van, armed with BBQ's, food and everything that you need for a dog day at the beach, we set up camp at Highcliffe beach and lit the BBQ's. The afternoon consisted of chorizo burgers, stone skimming, ambles along the beach, wedding plans and enjoying each others company. Oh and a cheeky little dog weeing on my sandal (it's OK, he's too cute to tell off...!).

We literally had such a wonderful weekend, and both felt a little sad heading back home. It's funny how I've only met Rosie a handful of times, and Matt and Tom hadn't even met, yet somehow last weekend felt like we were just catching up with old friends (not literally old, Rosie!). We did try our hardest to move in - I had my bags full! But instead we're already planning when the next adventure will be up our way. 

It really was an ideal way to spend a weekend.

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