Visiting Brighton

When it was Little B's birthday we headed to Brighton for a weekend of food, family and moving house (not on our part) and embracing the sunshine. We stayed in the most beautiful little place which you can read about here and although we spent most of the weekend helping my brother sort his new house out, we did get time to potter. Because pottering is always nice.

On Saturday morning we celebrated my brother and his girlfriends new home (which is beautiful - hi floorboard and bathtub envy!) before helping them re-arrange furniture and cleaning. The afternoon was spent browsing the flea markets for unique pieces of furniture. I literally wanted everything!

We headed for dinner in the local area to a little pub, that from the outside looked just like any other pub. That was until we tasted their incredible food - the portion sizes were huge, the food was freshly cooked and the tastes were beyond scrumptious! If you're in the Brighton area, we highly recommend visiting The Sussex Yeoman.

The following morning was Little B's birthday and after opening his presents and cards, we managed to force ourselves out of the comfiest bed and got ready. We said a sad goodbye to our room (and finally met the little kitties!) and thanked the hosts, before loading up the car. We walked and met the rest of the family, and tucked into a delicious breakfast before taking a slow amble into town.

The sun was shining, the beach was bustling with people and the seagulls were doing their thing so we grabbed some fish and chips and headed to the sea front, where we spent the afternoon basking in the sunshine and catching up. There was a nice cool breeze sweeping in, making it all that more pleasant.

On our way back to the car, we stopped at a local organic shop picking up a plant for the garden (it's that tradition again of buying flowers every time we're away) and some banana chips for the journey home. There's something about Brighton that we love (as do many others) with it's quirky little shops and secret cafe's. It's the ideal place to spend a weekend. And even better in the sunshine. Brighton, we will be back!

Butternut squash & Sweet potato salad

An indoor fort