Number34 Brighton - UK

It seems to be a little tradition that we've made where we always end up in Brighton around Little B's birthday (we like our traditions!) and this year was no different. With Big Little C moving there in the Summer we joined forces with my parents and headed down for a weekend of fun (more on that soon).We wanted somewhere quirky to stay, somewhere that was warm, and homely and after browsing through AirBnB, we chose this idyllic house which went above and beyond all our expectations.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by the smell of candles and the most beautifully displayed shelves complete with flowers (I was in heaven already!). Our host, Peter welcomed us in and gave us a quick tour before giving us the lowdown on all the things we needed to know during our stay.

We stayed in the Silver room, because you know, home from and home and all that... where the walls were white, the floorboards were white (I am craving natural floorboards super bad!) and THAT fireplace. It was basically the dream. And incredibly warm and inviting. This was when I began to think my options to how I could move in..

The attention to detail was perfect, with dinky little images of their cats in frames, and flowers dotted all over the house. Within moments we felt at home, slightly wishing that we could spend the rest of the day here, laying in that incredibly inviting bed, with a hot cup of tea and some netflix (but alas we had plans!).

The following morning when we finally forced ourselves out from the incredibly comfortable bed and were all dressed and ready to, we headed into the gorgeous kitchen to grab some breakfast. With the hosts being vegans, we were offered muesli, yoghurt and pastries (which were totally perfect for us!) and a choice of homemade jams. Sadly once we'd eaten, we packed up our belongings and left what we thought was one of the most homely places we've ever stayed. Number34 you did good. And we'll be back!

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