An indoor fort

Last week we wanted something to do that meant spending time together, without phones and TV (OK Netflix totally didn't count) but that didn't cost us a penny (apart from buying Camembert - because that's a must!) and so we decided to build a fort again. Like the one we did last year. Only this time more spacious - and white! We dug out all the spare duvet covers and sheets, and with the help of the sofa's and a handy broom, our fort was built.

We completed our little fort with cushions fairy lights (because yes, we still haven't gotten round to changing our living room light bulbs...)  and made sure the windows in the room were open to keep it cool. We popped on our trusty pyjamas from George at Asda (seriously.. they've never let us down. Ever! - We're already thinking of another pair!) and snuggled on in with Californication ready to begin on Netflix.

We like to do things backwards, and because we were super cosy (sleepy from the lighting) and engrossed into Californication, Little B had a quick rummage around the cupboards and found the best biscuits ever tucked away in the corner. We pretty much finished the whole packet in under an episode.

It was fairly late before we decided to eat, and a favourite of ours is tapas which Little B always does so well. We're fans of picky food, so this was ideal for us in our little fort. We paused the TV and spent that time talking about our week, and plans for the house, like grown ups do. Although I don't think grown ups spill Camembert..

The evening soon got the better of us when we realised it was the early hours of the morning, and Little R had already taken himself to bed. After contemplating sleeping here, we decided that our bed was always going to be much better (plus we can't handle sleeping on floors anymore!) and so we turned off all the lights and joined Little R. It was one of the simplest of things to do, but these kinda nights are always our favourite.

Visiting Brighton

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