Make A Date at Westfield London

Last weekend we were invited to Westfield London for their Make A Date campaign, and if you know us, we always make time for date night (any excuse to indulge in fancy food or excess amount of popcorn!) so we filled up the car with petrol, whizzed some fruit smoothie together and prepared some CD's for our drive to London.

With my new obsession for jeans still not quite over yet, I threw them together with my trusty Orange Circle tee and blazer (this blazer has seen better days...). I knew that the day would be spent pottering and for once my practical head took charge, and I opted for my Orthopedic shoes as Little B likes to call them. They're from John Lewis if anyone's actually interested!

When we arrived, we tracked down a concierge desk and simply giving our pin code and order number, we were presented with a gift card in a flash (we'll pretend I didn't take forever deciding on the actual gift card packaging...). The gift card could be used in most stores which was music to Little B's ears, and restaurants. So we were both pretty chuffed, and ready to face the day.

After what seemed only a few hours of shopping, we decided to head outside to enjoy the sunshine that had graced us. With bags full (for Little B may I add.. except some homeware...), we opted for a simple yet always tasty dinner at Wagamama's... Partly because Little B was itching to try some rice wine! A table in the courtyard had our name on it (not literally mind) and it seemed the perfect spot for us to enjoy each others company as the sun was beginning to set.

It was incredibly nice to not feel rushed (especially with Wagamama's always being busy!), and after attempting for no spillages on white t-shirts, we made the most of our evening in the courtyard as the sun began to set. With a bottle of wine on the table, we spent the next few hours giggling at old memories, and discussions on home interiors. It was an ideal kinda evening.

Because we can NEVER not have something sweet after a dinner, we ended up at Dunkers after spotting them earlier in the day. Mini pancakes guys. MINI PANCAKES!! With a variety of toppings to choose from - and it's fair to say that we were in heaven! Nutella, strawberries and white chocolate shavings made the best dessert we'd had in a long time. Even if our trousers were about to burst.We then made time for a cheeky little cocktail in between, stopping at Balans which do some incredible cocktails! I chose the Kiwi Splash which was DELICIOUS and Little B went for a favourite of his, the Mojito! With our trousers about to burst, and our walking a little uneven, we headed to the cinema.

The night was still young (as are we, which we sometimes forget!), so instead of hopping back on the train for an early night, we decided to check out the cinema and boy were we NOT disappointed. I mean, we're from a small town so our cinema is pretty dinky (although we think its big), but the screen and seats certainly took us by surprise. I'm fairly certain that I spent most of the film in awe at the size. But yes, the film was amazing (totally worth seeing!).

Considering it's nothing something we'd have thought of, we had such a lovely time at Westfield for their Make A Date campaign. There's plenty of things to do, even if your man isn't into shopping! 

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