Inside our bedroom

We thought it was time to share another room in our home, with our dressing room and living room going down well, and this time being in the form of another favourite room (I told you I say this all the time), one that is the perfect place to spend a weekend morning relaxing in! I share a lot of photos on Instagram of this room which has nothing to do with the fact that I sleep a lot..! So let me present to you, our bedroom...

I've always wanted a clean fresh feeling bedroom, with white wash walls, clean white bedding and simple touches and although we've not got white floorboards in (I'm working on it - but Little B always tells me the floors are pretty good to change!), I'd like to think we've somewhat achieved this. There is literally nothing better than waking up in the morning with the light shining through the voils, and feeling refreshed for a new day ahead. And these faux fur cushions are literally dreamy. So so dreamy to lay your head on.

Little B wanted to add colour, and as much as I wanted simple white alongside our beautiful wallpaper (him and my mama did good!), I agreed to a few small touches - with blush being slightly incorporated - and by this, I meant adding a few vases and boxes. That's enough right? Although since taking these photos last week, I have bought a few new storage boxes in blush to add to the shelf, along with a potted plant (it's fake FYI). Our bed was perfect for the cottage we once lived in, and although I never ever want to be rid of it, the ivory colour bothers me slightly now. But I think that it fits in with the wallpaper - which is definitely a win in my books, I love how it's fairly subtle but when the light catches the twigs, it's utterly beautiful. Can you marry a wallpaper?

I'm a huge storage box fan, so when Little B bought these for me, it's fair to say that my eyes lit up! Although his ulterior motives behind this were to keep my hair bits and bobs tucked away.. And yep, they're totally empty right now! Ooops! But alas, there's always the bedside table and ottoman too, but at the moment it's still got Little B's things because somehow my stuff just gets everywhere else.. I guess he deserves some space! And as far as I'm concerned, as long as it's tucked away, thrown into a box then I'm fairly happy - because I like people to think we're tidy folk over here. Let's just hope they don't open any drawers or boxes, or worse, look under the bed...

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