Warehouse Weekender Part 2

Stripe Top | Skirt | Backpack | Sunglasses c/o Warehouse

I'm back with my second edit for #WAREHOUSEWEEKENDER in quite possibly my favourite one of the lot.. And it definitely isn't to do with the stripe tee! But lets all take a moment to appreciate the backpack - something that I never quite thought I'd ever be adding to my wardrobe, yet here I am with one. I'm still pretty unsure that I am cool or even quirky enough to pull this off, but you know what? The fact that it fits in basically everything but the kitchen sink (I was willing to compromise) is kind of a big deal. Which is funny considering I'm not your typical girl who has stashes of makeup or hair products. Nope, instead my bag is filled with boiled sweets, my diary, ten hundred hair bobbles, a purse full of receipts and a lot of pointless clutter. Oh and sunglasses!

I'd like to think that this outfit could almost bored on that famous 'day to night' look. Maybe if I dropped the cheesy grin, and added some pink lipstick - I'd be ready to go for a few cocktails. Well, that's what my brain was telling me when I picked this edit. And personally, I think it would be a perfect match for part of the weekend in London.Don't forget to enter the most incredible competition over on the Warehouse homepage (I've definitely entered myself - oops!), and also find out about a fab event they're running in stores. As I mentioned, the dates is already in my diary.. And there we have it, a pretty substantial reason why my diary NEEDS to be carried at all times.


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