The simple things

The little simplest of things that have made me smile this week.. But the best thing of all is seeing Little B's face every evening, greeting me when I come home from work in his smarts. I liked that the most of all.

Fresh Carnations. I've decided that these are my favourite flowers lately because not only are they cheap (like real cheap at £2.20) and the fact they last forever (like literally weeks) but they're also perfect for this bottle.

Delicious Summer pancakes. Waking up to the smell of pancakes cooking at the weekend was ultimately the best way to my stomach. Wrapped around fresh fruit and a cheeky helping of Nutella made for a fun Saturday!

Pretty dresses. If there's any shop that makes me do the happy dance when the postman delivers a parcel, it's Ever Ours and their incredibly pretty little pieces. This dress has made me happy dance far too much this week.

 The Treat Jar. Mama and her friends came over last week and pretty much demolished the treat jar, so I made it my mission to fill it up. In the form of jelly tots, because I like jelly tots. A lot this week actually.

Little B. This weekend was the first of many to come spending time together. We headed to London for a small potter around Carnaby Street and stopped for a glass of wine and a catch up in the evening before the theatre.

Little R. I'm not too sure what's happened to this little furry thing, but he's going through a stage of sleeping in the funniest positions. That's until he falls off the bed in the middle of the night.. It makes us chuckle.

Inside our dressing room

Duo Boots challenge