The simple things

Relaxing baths... Little B has always been a fan of baths and spends many evenings (even more so now) soaking in the tub alongside my puzzled face unsure how people can enjoy a bath SO much?! Until two weeks ago when I was feeling lethargic and low (and my old age finally kicked in!), I sprinkled in a generous helping of The Bathory* bath soak and sunk into the tub, did I finally answer my own question. Baths are pretty nice. And even nicer when they're letting off the sweetest smells that I combined (well chose) myself from a perfectly presented little bottle.

Sweet things.. I love things. Especially little things. Like a lot. Some people call them niknaks, and some people even call them garbage, but I call them little treasures. And this adorable cat brooch from Ginger Pickle* has got me realising that maybe I have become a bit too into cats. But that's OK, because I'm just going to wear it and share it with pride. If you like little cute things, then this website is right up your street!

Attempting organisation... It's no secret that I'm unorganised and always always running late (even if I'm not late, I'm still think I'm late!) but I've made the extra effort to mark everything in my diary because we sure know that my brain can't remember what I did yesterday! And inbetween jotting down lists and important dates, my time has been filled circling the pages of the Home catalogues. Hoping Little B will find them.. And take note.

A new scent... I may not have the flashiest perfume shelf, yet I sure have plenty! More and more high street stores are bringing out the most beautiful of scents and after bowing down to every single Next perfume going, I was looking for a new one (actually this is a lie, I declared in store that I didn't own enough perfume....). As soon as I spritzed a dash of Zara rose onto my skin, my decision was made. It was to be mine!

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